75 People Share The Weird Little Random Things That Turn Them On

  1. When a girl puts her hair up—not a ponytail, but a bun with some messy hair falling out of it, it’s just so elegant and sexy. And when a guy rolls up his sleeves to do something, then gets all businesslike whilst showing dem forearms off. Unf.
  2. Dimples. I would rather a girl flash me her dimples than her boobs. And I love boobs.
  3. Watching anyone drive stick. Men, women, I don’t care, if I’m in the car and I see you do it I’m gonna have to try not to mount you.
  4. The smell of coconut…really really turns me the fuck on.
  5. No freckles? Come on, freckles are hot!
  6. Doctors’ offices. The lights, silence, bed, and that stupid paper over the top. For whatever reason being in there alone waiting for the doctor or his/her assistant to come check up on me just starts revving my engines, man. I have no fucking clue why.
  7. It’s gonna sound weird, but cuddling gets me going. Like just holding someone turns me on for the most part.
  8. Guys with hairy arms and hands. I’m beginning to think I was an ape in a previous life.
  9. That area between the belly button and the crotch. Whenever my boyfriend takes his shirt off and his pants just happen to be slightly baggy, I can’t contain myself.
  10. The backs of women’s knees. Ungh! Not sure what it is about them. And don’t get me started on if they are wearing knee high socks.
  11. Dreadlocks.
  12. Ear biting, licking, and or whispering. No idea why but damn…
  13. When she just wears one of my button-down shirts and panties.
  14. A man doing housework. Folding laundry and doing dishes are at the top of the list.
  15. Makeup, especially the smell.
  16. Women sweating. Whether working out or just working hard, I love me a sweaty chick. Like when I saw videos of Gwen Stefani during No Doubt concerts kind of sweaty.
  17. When a girl lets out a really big yawn and makes that sort of high-pitched squeak at the end.
  18. Side ponytail. I don’t understand it, but damn.
  19. Fitted backward baseball caps. Don’t ask.
  20. Getting scratched behind the ears.
  21. Girls in tights or yoga pants and Uggs. Dunno why, don’t associate it with anybody in particular, either, but it works for me.
  22. Gloves. Especially fingerless gloves. Oh god.
  23. Here’s an oddball…when the vacuum sucks up little crumbs. The sound it makes is boner-tastic.
  24. I get really horny when I’m running out of time on a test. No idea why.
  25. Eyeliner on guys.
  26. Fucking Scottish accents. Just thinking about how if their tongue can work those round vowels, I wonder what else it can do…
  27. When I really like a girl, and she’s close enough to me to smell that very slight head odor stuff in her hair that isn’t product, just her skin/hair oils or whatever. I guess I’m weird.
  28. Girls in neon-colored clothing. Preferably neon orange, yellow, or that neon pink/salmon color. Fucking does it for me every time. Makes me wanna take it off right there wherever it may be! Finally got my GF some and let me tell ya! 😉
  29. Freddie Mercury mustaches. As dark as possible. Also chunkier guys. I also love a perfect little crooked tooth.
  30. Struggle. When I see a girl working hard, determined to be better or get something done, the look on their face, the frustration and determination, I love it. Weird, I know.
  31. Underbites…I don’t know why, but girls I have met who have had underbites have been a bit trashier (in a good way).
  32. Watching other people work/think, more so in a quiet room or place. No idea why, but it just sends a shiver down my spine that sets me off.
  33. Guys with long nails. I don’t know why.
  34. Girls with a tiny Buddha belly. Not like fat, but just a slight muffin top.
  35. Forearms on some guys and the movement of rolling up their sleeves—OH, and nice-looking watches on said forearms. Yum…geeze it sounds weird when written down.
  36. Short hair and deepish voices on girls.
  37. Intriguing hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technically kind of horrible looking mess of frizz barely contained by bands, a fluorescent pink in an attempt to look punk but in reality looking a bit clown, or really straight harsh red hair, the more interesting someone’s hair is, the more likely I am: 1) interested in finding out more about them; 2) sexxing them; and 3) brushing, stroking, or otherwise manipulating their hair and scalp. Also freckles. I think I have a thing for petite ginger girls with freckles.
  38. I adore beauty when there’s some obvious flaw. It’s almost as if the person becomes more attractive because of the imperfection. This could be a scar, or crooked teeth, or whatever. Something like this can make my knees weak.
  39. When my SO takes off his belt. Even if no sexy times are involved just nnnngggghhh. But other than that, hair. Chest hair, beards, and abbey trails. I give the boo tummy rubs all the time because I can play with his abbey trail and go up and run my fingers through his chest hair and then go play with his beard. He thinks I love giving tummy rubs because it feels good when really I’m a selfish bastard and only love him for his body hair.
  40. When I’m driving and the girl in front of me flips her hair around with her hands. Or puts it up. I don’t know what it is, but only in that specific situation. Girls doing things with their hair most of the time doesn’t so anything special for me, but in traffic it is super-hot.
  41. Glasses. It’s like a porno story of a teacher.
  42. Short hair sticking out all over the place. Went to roller derby this weekend and one girl came back to sit with her friends in the audience and definitely had helmet hair sticking up from sweat. Absolutely sexy.
  43. Sporty girls with knee braces. A volleyball chick with a ponytail and a knee brace is like catnip. Throw in her being a ginger, and I’m in love.
  44. Guys in dirty overalls.
  45. When you can see the bra line on a woman. Even if the girl is gross, my mind basically says, “This girl has tits. Awesome.”
  46. When a woman puts her hair in a ponytail.
  47. Biggest one: When girls are putting their hair up in a ponytail or whatever. The action, not the actual ponytail.
  49. It’s gonna sound stupid, but I love horse-faced women. There’s something about those teeth and pointy cheekbones…
  50. If a girl has a slightly larger than normal nose. I dunno why, it’s just hot. I’m not talking like a big honker either, just larger than normal.
  51. Sounds really wrong, but a girl crying usually does it for me.
  52. A button down with the sleeves rolled up.
  53. Girl who can play piano, or some kind of musical talent. Oomph.
  54. Pale skinned redheads…I have no idea why, but pale skinned redhead girls are my weakness, something about them just really does it for me.
  55. The tiny hairs on (the back of) her neck.
  56. Shoulders. Something about the way a summer dress can hang on a warm spring day.
  57. Watching someone write in a really pretty handwriting.
  58. When a girl has her hair in a messy bun. Just something about it looks really hot!
  59. When women wear ball caps with their hair in a ponytail through the opening in the back.
  60. Math class. I’m not even joking. Every single fucking time, every math class I pop a boner at least once. I don’t know why, I’m not aroused by math or the teacher or professor. My member just loves to peek up during all sorts of math classes: algebra, trig, calc, you name it.
  61. Hands. More specifically, the hands of a person who is doing something that they are very good at. Examples: watching my husband type, watching someone play an instrument, watching someone in a kitchen cutting something. I do, however, have to already be attracted to the person in most cases.
  62. Seeing an attractive man’s hip bones or lower back peek out of his shirt after reaching or bending… something about it makes me need to know what else is under those clothes! Mmm just thinking about it does it for me!
  63. I find it incredibly arousing when a small woman is eating a huge sandwich or burger.
  64. Tall women and I’m pretty short.
  65. Mothballs. My dad’s porn mags were stashed in the closet, which smelled like mothballs. Now my brain links that smell with arousal. Thanks, Pavlov.
  66. Large thighs that are not muscular at all. Gives me the shivers!
  67. Girls with naturally “cracky” voices, if that makes sense. For some reason I find it hot as fuck.
  68. Curly bushy hair or a serious interest in something.. like someone being deeply passionate about something they love. Oh you love decorative clown statues, tell me more.
  69. Holding hands and she rubs the top of my thumb.
  70. All my friends call me “Coop” so its kind of the norm for me. But when a girl calls me “Coop” I want to fuck her right then and there. There was an instance where a female friend of mine called me “Coop” over text and I almost lost it. There’s just something intimate about nicknames. Weird, I know.
  71. Light Texan accent.
  72. Light upper cheek freckles. So cute 😀
  73. A good muscular set of calves on a dude. Instant wet pussy.
  74. Girl smell. Like if I let a girl borrow one of my jackets, when she returns it I will wear it all day. It’s just so comforting.
  75. I like it when girls don’t have any or very little makeup. The whole caked on makeup thing that girls do to look pretty just doesn’t work for me. TC mark

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