What Turns Guys On The Most? (10 Little-Known Things)

Are you wondering what you can do to turn guys on?

Perhaps there’s a specific man you’re hoping to impress, but you’re not sure how to do it?

Maybe you’re looking for extra inspiration to add some spark to your relationship?

If so, you’re in the right place. This article features 10 creative and undeniable ways to turn a guy on.

However, before you scroll down and choose your favourite, it’s important you read the next few sentences carefully.

There’s one aspect of male psychology that is crucial for you to understand – and this has nothing to do on how horny you make him.

A deep understanding of this can be the difference between him seeing you as ‘a bit of fun’ and a lifelong partner.

I’m talking about the ‘Hero Instinct’. A deeply-held primal instinct that all men seem to harbor.

Once I took the time to truly understand this psychological trigger, my relationships became far more passionate and loving.

It’s pretty simple to activate this way of thinking inside a man, once you know how.

What characteristics turn guys on?

Before we move onto the unexpected ways that turn men on, we should first think about the general characteristics that you need to be showing for a man to be turned on in the first place. So, for this list, please see the points below.

Be confident.
Men love confident women, especially when they are confident with their sexuality. So, you should ditch the fact that you might think men will only find you attractive if you act like a helpless damsel in distress. You need to completely own who you are and show him what you want and what you don’t want. If you ensure that you show confidence in everything you do, he will love it.

Take control.
Following on from the first point about how men love confident women, if you take control, he will find it a real turn-on. You might think that men want to be the ones that lead in the bedroom, but they love it when women take control.

Make an effort with your appearance.
As much as men think it’s cute when you stumble out for a coffee date with makeup beneath your eyes, if you want to turn him on, you might want to make more of an effort. If you want to turn him on, you don’t need to pretend to be a glamour model, but it might help if you do your hair, shave your legs and put on some lipstick. It will be less about how you look, and more about the fact that you have made an effort with your appearance.

10 Unexpected Ways to Turn Him On

1. Massage him.

If you know that your man has had a long day, you can offer to give him a massage. Don’t hint yet that he will definitely be getting a happy ending.

Have him lie down on the bed and use some massage oil to start rubbing his back. After you have completely massaged his back, in slow and sweeping movements, it’s time to get him to turn around. Let your man lie on his back and tell him to close his eyes. While he is like this, it’s time to take off your clothes, then resume the massage. If his eyes are closed and you are quiet enough, he won’t have even realized your change.

You can once again use the oil all over his body, and your hands should start to work around his upper and inner thigh area. Or, you could sweep your hands down his chest, stopping at the top of his groin. He might start to notice the massage getting a little sensual. This is the point where you might see his penis rise. It’s your turn to know to get on top of him and let both your slippery bodies connect.

2. Tie him up.

Your man might secretly (or not so secretly) like to be dominated. So, you need to show him who is the boss of the bedroom. All you need to do is find something suitable to tie your man’s hands with – a work tie would do, but if you have handcuffs that’s great. You want the dominance to be a surprise, so don’t let your man know what is going on before you tie him up.

Put the handcuffs or tie one your side of the bed on the floor. Start to kiss him and arouse him. You can do this quite passionately, already getting him ready to be dominated by you. You can get him to lie underneath you, while you straddle him. Put his hands above his head while you kiss down his body. Then, get the handcuffs or tie and tie his hands either together or to the frame of the bed.

This is when the real magic begins. He will feel so frustrated that he can’t touch you. Now, do whatever you think will please him. For example, give him a blowjob while you stare back up at him. He might beg you to have him.

When you are ready to have sex, you can climb on top and start riding him slowly. He will go crazy knowing he can’t touch you, but it will turn him on like nothing before.

3. Wear your sexiest lingerie.

The majority of men are very visually stimulated, and you should use this knowledge in your favor. Seeing his woman in sexy lingerie will always turn a man on. So, let’s take full advantage of this. When you are at home by yourself and know that your man will soon be coming home, go upstairs and have a look in your closet.

You must have some kind of lingerie that makes you feel on top of the world. If not, you can pop out an indulge on a little spending spree, or you can get creative. A really hot look would be you in one of his shirts that is completely open, with stockings on and nothing else.

When your man comes home, walk towards him slowly in your lingerie. His jaw will probably drop. Is that not just the best way to be greeted? Walk towards him and let him take you in his arms. Alternatively, you could giggle and let him chase you upstairs.

4. Blindfold him.

This tactic will stimulate all of your man’s other senses so much because he can’t see you. He can’t really on visual stimulation here. This also works really well if you’re a little bit too shy to do more risqué things with your partner looking at you – this way, he can’t see you so there is no need to be shy.

Get your man to sit on the edge of the bed and wrap the blindfold around him. Ideally, he will already be naked or in his underwear at this point. Make sure he can’t see by doing a little eyesight test with him – make it fun, do not bore him.

Now, it is time to start getting your man excited. The truth is, because he is blindfolded and will know that you’re going to start doing naughty things to him, he might actually already be hard. But there is no harm in dragging it out a little bit and making him want you even more.

Now it is completely up to you what you do next, but I would recommend constantly changing what you are doing to him, so there is still an element of surprise. You can then push him back onto the bed and climb on top of him in whatever position you think is best.

A reverse cowgirl might be a good idea. When he is inside you, and only then, you should tell him to take his blindfold off. He will open his eyes to a really hot image – you on top of him. I recommend reverse cowgirl because he will get a good view of his penis going in and out of you.

5. Use sex toys with him.

A lot of men are unaware that women use sex toys quite regularly, so it might be hot if you bring one of your favorites out and show him what it can do for you. If you don’t have a sex toy, you can just go and get one. You can order all different types of sex toys off the internet and even in sex or lingerie shops. There is such a huge variety, so do some research and see what you think would suit you best.

However, if you want the sex toy to be something that you both get genuine pleasure from, it might be a good idea to go and get a ‘Pleasure Ring’. Essentially, this is a ring that your partner will put around his penis, it will vibrate. Not only will the vibrations when he is entering you make you orgasm a lot faster or a lot more intensely, but it also adds to keeping your partner’s erection for longer.

Whatever sex toy you decide to use, introduce it to him in the bedroom and tell him he can experiment with it on you. It will be such a turn on to your partner that you want to accentuate your sex with him, and he will love using a toy on you.

When it comes to things like the pleasure ring, you might want to limit your usage of it. As much as it will give you both such a great time, just don’t overuse it. If you do, then when you just have ‘normal’ sex, it might not be as enjoyable.

6. Exchange sexual fantasies.

You can turn your man on from literally just speaking to him. This is a really good idea to speak to him about while you are in bed. If you are both just lying there, make the conversation. Turn over to your man, run your fingers down his chest and ask him what his naughtiest sexual fantasies are.

A lot of people can feel embarrassed to speak to anyone about their sexual fantasies, and understandably so. So, you need to make your man feel comfortable. Perhaps you could share one of your fantasies with him and then he could tell you one of his.

You could make it like a little game – you tell him one, he tells you one. Make it fun, don’t make it serious. After discussing the fantasies, you could turn to him and say something like, “So, are you ready to try the first fantasy you mentioned?”

He will probably initially feel a little confused as to whether you are joking or not, so just tell him that you want him, and you want him to lay all of his sexual fantasies on to you. The fact that he knows that you are open to trying things will really turn him on.

7. Play sexual games with him.

Tell your man that things are going to get a little spicier for the time being and that you and he are going to play a sex game together. The thought of this alone will make him go crazy for you.

The first thing you can do is to give your man little pieces of paper and tell him that on every piece of paper he has to write down things that he would like you to do to him. Tell him that you are doing the same. You can choose how many pieces of paper you choose to use. For example, you could set the game up for a whole month or you could do it for a week.

After you have finished writing down your bits of paper, each person folds them up so they can’t see what is written and then you exchange them all with the other person. You can tell your partner that he is allowed three passes, and so are you, if it is something that you don’t want to do.

Then, every day for however long you are playing, you each have to pick out a bit of paper and do what it says to the other person. You can also do it the other way round, so your man writes what he wants to do to you, and you write what you want to do to him.

In addition to this, if you are less creative and want an app to tell you what you should do to each other, you can download various apps if you search, “sex game”. Of course, it will have the same effect, but it just won’t be as personalized.

8. Watch porn with him.

You might think that porn is something to watch alone while you masturbate. However, it can actually be a really big turn on, for both of you, if you decide to watch some together.

You can always just suggest it and see what he says. Chances are that he is going to love that you suggested that and will respect you for how confident you were in just coming straight out with that. You can have a look through different porn channels and different videos. If either of you watches porn fairly regularly, you can show the other what you like.

By watching porn together, it will not only turn you both on so that you rip each other’s clothes off, but it will allow you to share your fantasies with each other if you think that otherwise just speaking about it might make either of you feel uncomfortable.

If both of you feel super naughty, you could even try one of the live webcam sessions and see people live having sex, while you do things to each other.

9. Jump in the shower with him, or lure him in to shower with you.

There is nothing hotter than being unexpectedly turned on. So, if your man is having a shower or after work, why not get in there and change it up for him?

While your man is in the shower, you can start to turn yourself on. You can touch yourself and think dirty thoughts. Once you are fully raring to go, open the bathroom door and hop in the shower with him. You can start by kissing him slowly on his back if he is facing the shower, or you could get straight on your knees and give him a blowjob. Kiss him deeply while you rub shower gel all over his body.

On the other hand, you could lure him into the shower while you are in it. While you are in the shower, bring the showerhead to your vagina and start to pleasure yourself with the water (you’ll love it, trust me.) Then, shout your man in the bathroom and tell him you need his help with something. When he sees you, he will get a shock – in a good way. He will love it. You will see him move so fast to just jump straight in there and pleasure you.

Shower sex is hot. It’s surprising, it’s steamy, it’s wet. You will both love it.

10. Do a striptease for him.

For this point, you are going to have to be oozing confidence and sexuality. You don’t need to take yourself too seriously, but you do need to turn him on and not turn it into a giggle party.

If he is lying down in bed, pop to the bathroom or out of the room and put some sexy nightwear on. An example of a great thing to wear would be a baby doll nighty. However, it needs to be a striptease, so you do need to be wearing enough clothes to actually strip them off for him. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you have some sexy underwear underneath, so this is the last thing you will take off.

Once you are ready, you could play a little bit of music to set the mood. Walk-in and at the bottom of the bed, start to slowly move your body in a rhythm. Imagine that this man is genuinely paying for your services – really believe that you are a stripper. Then start to undress, one piece by one piece. Make sure you are staying sexy and enticing at all times. Take it slow, you want to build him up.

Once you are in your underwear, you could crawl up the bed towards him and straddle him. Imagine that you are now giving him a lap dance. You want to grind on him and show all of your assets off to him. While you are in this position, you can then take off your bra. You can put your breasts in his face. However, you need to tell him that he can’t touch.

Then finally, you can take off your thong. Then, you are bare naked, grinding on your man, ready for him to take you. You can now whisper into his ear something like, “You can have me now.” He will be so excited by this performance that his performance might not be so great

Important words

I want to make it clear that all of these things I have spoken about in this article should only ever been done with full consent from both people involved. Both you and your partner should feel comfortable, and if one of you does not, at any point, stop.


I hope that with these tips you have learned today, you are able to pounce on your man the next time you see him and show him that you really know your stuff when it comes to turning him on.

Have fun trying each way with your man, and be ready to have a very sexually charged and excited man on your hands.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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