The Elegance of Glass Butt Plugs

Increasingly popular in sex shops, the anal plug is a toy widely used for sexual pleasure as well as anal sex preparations. The instrument can be used by women and men without distinction, and is an excellent way to promote anal masturbation and even encourage women who feel insecure in practice to improve their ease with anal sex.

There are a variety of anal plug formats and types today, from more traditional tapered formats to a plethora of shapes that only human creativity would be able to develop including miniatures of famous personalities.

The idea of ​​the anal plug is primarily to generate pleasure. At the same time, however, it is possible to assign a number of uses and utilities to the instrument, and that is precisely what helps to popularize the instrument.

So if you don’t already have yours, or haven’t used it yet, here are some tips on how to use anal plug, how to choose and which points deserve attention to get right in choosing and practicing:

How To Choose Your Anal Plug?

If you are new to the subject, opt for thinner, smaller plugs that have some flare versatility on your body – like the traditional tapered ones. However, you need to pay attention to some details that demonstrate the quality of the product.

A good anal plug is one that has no burr or sharp surface textures that can hurt your anus. In such a sensitive region, even small details where product halves stick together can cause injury.

In addition, it is useful to choose products that are soft and have some flexibility, which also make use more comfortable. If possible, invest a little more in quality material, such as silicone, always avoiding petroleum products which can region with the skin when heated.

Also reject toys that are made of materials that could break or chip during use, such as glass and acrylic, as they are potentially dangerous. Also, of course, opt for toys that have a very wide base – this will prevent you from getting your instrument locked in your rectum, avoiding embarrassing accidents. We specifically love the glass butt plugs being offered by Lovegasm, so you should give them a visit.

How To Use Anal Plug For The First Time?

There are some secrets to share with those who will use the anal plug for the first time in their lives. They boil down to a few slogans, such as lubrication, delicacy and respect for limits.

First, lubricate the toy and the region where it will be introduced. This will make the process a lot easier and prevent you from getting injured easily. Avoid lubricants that reduce sensitivity as they will not let you know if something is wrong.

Also, it is important to start slowly, gently. It is essential that you are comfortable with the process in order to prevent the activity from becoming traumatic. So start slowly without establishing what you should or should not do.

Finally, it is absolutely necessary to respect your own limits. On some days, you may simply not be able to relax enough to use the toy comfortably. If that happens, that’s fine – another time, you can try again. The important thing is not to force anything, as this is likely to become a long-term problem.

You have probably heard something about Plug Anal, one of the best known sex toys on the erotic market. This popularity is mainly because it is a very democratic adult accessory: it attracts both those who already have experience with anal play and people who want to venture into this area for the first time.

While it is true that anal stimulation was not done for everyone, it is also true that this subject is no longer a taboo as it was. Our society is more open about sex in general, and as result women are changing their view of how anal sex can be fun and enjoyable (remember that the anus is an erogenous zone and has thousands of nerve endings).

Anal Plugs definitely have the chance to add something more to the lives of single women and couples. They can be used during intercourse, as an ally of foreplay or in masturbation, providing extra stimulation for you to intensify orgasm. It is also an excellent product for beginners who want to get used to the anal penetration of a penis.

Below we will cover everything you need to know about Anal Plug:

From the ideal sizes for every woman to the different models available (Jewel Plug, Fox Plug, Inflatable Plug, among others).

The Parts of Anal Plug

Plugs have been specially developed to make anal sex play safe and enjoyable. There are a multitude of models but basically they are divided into three main parts:

The base – A fundamental part, as it prevents the accessory from being completely sucked into the anus. No one wants to be embarrassed about making an unexpected trip to the hospital for the Plug to be removed, right?

The Neck – Once the Plug is inserted, the anal muscles contract around the neck, which helps hold the toy in place. This part may vary in diameter and is almost always thinner than the base and body of the Plug.

The Body – It is the main part that has the function of generating stimulation and anal pleasure. It is divided into two segments: the tip, usually tapered for easy insertion, and the lower body plug, which is the larger circumference section of the Plug.

How to use Anal Plug?

  1. If it is important to you that everything is clean, use a hygienic shower, popularly known as “chuca” (learn more here ).
  2. Then apply a quality intimate lubricant to your anus and plug. To ensure durability and ease of cleaning, be sure to protect the toy with a condom.
  3. You may want to have your partner help you insert the accessory, but regardless, I suggest a few positions to put it in: four (doggy style), sideways, “roast chicken” or sitting on it.
  4. After choosing the best position and becoming relaxed, hold the base of the product firmly and place the tip into the anus inlet. Then push the plug as far as it will feel comfortable.
  5. If everything is OK, no pain, go a little further. Otherwise, remove the plug and reapply the lubricant.
  6. You will know when the accessory is fully inserted, as the sphincter muscles will begin to contract around the neck of the Plug, sucking it all the way in, leaving only the base exposed.
  7. You may use it alone, routinely, as an ally of female masturbation, or in the moments before the sexual act to prepare for penetration.
  8. The choice is yours: Leave the Plug “resting” inside the anus for a while or stimulate the nerve endings of the anal region by making in-and-out movements.

How long can we use the Anal Plug?

While some people prefer to use Plugs at home, within four walls, others have the fantasy of leaving the anal accessory attached while performing daily tasks such as working and going to the supermarket.

It may seem like an exciting and challenging joke, but overuse and prolonged use can be detrimental to health.

As a precaution, it is best not to keep the Plug in the anus for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time , even if you are comfortable with the situation. For beginners, it is recommended to keep the toy inserted for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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