Flesh Lights: What is it and what is the use of it

For obvious reasons, you may not want to sign with its release page for the whole world, so the company designed best flesh lights are smart enough to look like a flashlight. The housing is made of hard plastic to keep the loose rack in place. It is almost impossible to use the luggage compartment without the outer casing. The cover has a lid on each side, the top side is quite obvious, but the cover at the bottom is there to create a vacuum inside the luggage compartment which gives an extra intense experience.

What fleshlights should I buy?

Many first-time buyers are keen to buy a loose page that is as similar to a real vagina as possible, and even though it’s the best choice, it’s not the case for others.

Why, so, like the real product possible, must always be the best?

No, not necessarily. If you come from a background of masturbating every day with your hand, you are used to that type of stimulation, and it is intensive. Therefore, many who buy e.g. Pink Lady Original that it does not stimulate enough and is then disappointed in its fleshlights? Therefore, I recommend starting a more high-intensity stimulation fleshlights. Above all, there are three things that stand out in this area:

STU – Stamina Training Unit

Buy STU, which is the best solution. This solo magazine is designed to give you the most stimulation possible. If you manage to spend a long time inside an STU, you probably do it in a real woman too.

The intestine consists of lots of small knots/bumps that continuously stimulate your penis. If you have problems with Premature Ejaculation (PE), that is, you get faster than you would like when you are with a real woman, this is perfect. It is the name of the name designed to train men to stay as long as possible. Nowadays Flesh lights are available at large reliable Swedish web shops. This model is probably the most popular on all major web shops.

Keep in mind that you also need an aqueous lubricant, detergent and preferably fleshlights powder or cornstarch. Either you buy the products externally or you can buy an STU Value Pack available on some of the web shops, link further down. It contains everything you need as well as a shower holder so you do not need to use your hands. You mount it easily on the shower wall and get started.

In the Tips and Trix department further down I have written some tips on how to save just as much money from buying corn starch from the grocery store instead of Fleshlights powder. You also do not need to use fleshlights own lubricants, the important thing is that it’s water-based.

Flesh lights girls’ soya

This is one of the models cast by real women’s vagina, usually porn star. In this case the very famous and sexy Stoya. Most Flesh girls have the inner breath called Lotus. But Stoya has one’s own, one that stimulates extra lot. As you look at the image on the inside, your penis will be stimulated from all directions.

Flesh lights girls Riley Steele, Nipple Alley

This model has been cast just after the porn star Riley Steels. The inside is relatively similar to that of the STU model and stimulates very much. This model is available in four variants, where the three other models Butt, Mouth and Vagina Lotus have other inner teeth. Nipple Alley is the one I recommend and the one that stimulates the most.

Flesh lights returned. Just getting started or?

Let’s start by saying that it’s not dangerous. But many who buy their first flesh lights get home it and are very expectant, tear it out of the carton and start feeding and then become disappointed. This is because they did not follow some favorable preparations:

Remove all packaging materials, including the plastic that has been plugged in to protect.

Rinse thoroughly in water, preferably give it a bath in cold water.

Wash properly with isopropyl alcohol. The lacquer has been treated with powder to keep the plastic for a long time and it is not dangerous, but if you use your flesh lights without removing it, there is a risk that your experience will deteriorate.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm / warm water.

Carefully lubricate the inside with plenty of lubricants.

Let the mandate slide in and enjoy.

Take the steps above before your first use and let down the disappointment of your first use. Having said that, it still takes a certain amount of time to really appreciate its flesh lights, the body may need to adjust to the new sensations.

Wash flesh lights

Separate your fleshlights and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Not every time, but at least every five times, wash your fleshlights with a cleaning agent for sex toys/detergents containing isopropyl alcohol. I recommend doing this more thorough cleaning after every third use.

Let your flesh lights dry thoroughly either with a towel or air dryer.

When dry, it will feel a little sticky; it will counteract you with flesh lights powder or corn starch that I write a little bit below. Do not use any type of talc-based powder; it wipes out your flesh lights. If you want to keep your flesh lights warm and delicious, you must regularly use flesh lights powder or cornstarch which is actually the same.

Tips and tricks

I have previously mentioned on the page that you need flesh lights powder together with your Flesh lights, that’s right. But the powder is really nothing but corn starch. Buying the Flesh lights powder gives you a little less than 150 grams of 100 grams. Do you buy for example at mathem.se costs it under 20 kronor for 400 grams? So big price difference. Also, if you want to try using kegel balls smartly, then you can use this on fleshlight. You may as well use yoni eggs for parents on it.

Apply flesh lights powder / cornstarch

On an forum, I found a good tip to apply the powder, as it may get quite greasy if you do not do it in a good way.

Take a sock, model thin.

Cut off the part that is going to sit around your ankle so the remaining part of the sock is about 10 cm.

Pour 4 to 5 tablespoon powder into the sock.

Close the sock using a rubber band.

Take care of the bulb of powder on your flesh lights.

You may need to shake your new powder applicator a bit at the beginning to get the powder through the fabric.

There are some shared sentences about applying powder both inside and outside. The manufacturer’s intention was to use only on the outside that is, on the vagina itself and is what I advocate. Some also apply on the inside; largely a flavor and you can test yourself to what you like best.

Closing Remarks

As with many products, it is often a running-in period, even flesh lights. It’s also a new type of stimulation, and your penis as well as brain can take some time to adjust. So give your flesh lights some time if the experience is not what you expected in the beginning. To speed up the process, it is important that you stop masturbating with your hand.

Lastly, I just want to wish you many wonderful moments with your flesh lights! Do you have more questions or just want to tell you about your flesh lights experiences? Do not hesitate to hear from you, I look forward to your email and answer everyone. Here you will find the contact page.

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